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Echelon Managed Street Lighting Networks

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Echelon Managed Street Lighting Networks

Lighten Your Streetlights’ Energy Load and Lower Your Costs

Many cities are upgrading their streetlight technologies to LED lights. It’s a great, green way to lower energy costs — especially when switching from mercury-vapor or high-pressure sodium lamps. Adding an intelligent network to control those lights is even smarter, letting you reduce energy costs by 60 percent or more. And the extra benefits of this network — streamlined operations, lower maintenance costs, improved safety, less light pollution, and enhanced urban environments — may end up being even greater than the energy savings.

Start with the i.LON SmartServer segment controller

The SmartServer, combined with electronic ballasts powered by our LonWorks technology, is the cornerstone of intelligent street lighting systems around the world — and it’s already the leading segment controller in the European market.

Start with the SmartServer. Our best-of-class server lets you manage streetlights, gather real-time data, and interface with any IP network. It ensures communications in challenging environments by creating a power line mesh network, and works with thousands of smart LonWorks based products — including pollution sensors and ambient light sensors — that can be added at any time. The SmartServer presents individual luminaire status and segment status using industry-standard Web services (SOAP/XML), so cities can easily integrate their street lighting system with their enterprise management software. SmartServer installations are in place today using a variety of WAN technologies including WiFi, GSM modems, 3G modems, and Ethernet

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